Best in Category - Fashion Design 2016



SZN Spring Summer 2016/17 collection successfully merges environmental design, anthropomorphic considerations and style into each garment.

Delivering a collection of garments each addressing minimal waste in production, reductive pattern making in the concept stage and universal sizing in the finished product, all cut from certified organic cotton and hard wearing hemp fabric. SZN is an independent label design and made in Melbourne.

Design Excellence

Reductive pattern making, makes for a streamlined and efficient production process to reduce time and cost.

Design Impact

Minimal waste, each garment utilities 95 - 100% of the entire length of fabric so that there is little to no landfill as a result of production.

Design Transformation

Universal sizing, looks at catering for diverse bodies, which also in a stock sense makes it easier for a garment to be worn over a long period of time as the wearer changes size.

Design Innovation

Organic and natural fibres, removes the toxic polluting substances typically used from both the growing, dyeing and wearing phase of the garment\'s lifecycle.

Other Key Features

Unisex garments, recognising the gender neutral requirements of wearers and the chance for customers to style each garment to their own taste, each garment is presented on different bodies to be inclusive of all.