Best in Category - Digital Design 2016

Thankyou’s Track Your Impact

Yump / Thankyou

100% of Thankyou’s profits fund safe water, food and sanitation projects around the world. Their Track Your Impact (TYI) web app tracks every Thankyou product to a project it helps fund.

To address low product tracks and customer sign-ups, Yump redesigned the TYI user journey from Thankyou’s homepage to each customer’s profile, revitalised Thankyou’s storytelling around each impacted community, and developed a more usable mobile experience.

Consequently, TYI saw a 100% increase in new user sign-ups, and a 200% increase in signed-in product tracks. Increased brand loyalty generated more Thankyou product sales, contributing $4.1 million of funding for projects.

Design Excellence

Recognising that the homepage is the most popular landing page for all returning Thankyou customers, the Yump team redesigned the main navigation to contain a prominent entry point for customers to enter their tracker ID, as well as an additional popup message to educate customers about the existence of Track Your Impact. Customers enter the unique Tracker ID on their Thankyou product to see the details of the project their product is assigned to fund.

Design Impact

Arriving at the Track Your Impact homepage, visitors are shown a world map displaying all the countries impacted by funded projects. The Yump design team created more opportunities for storytelling, allowing the Thankyou Impact team to update their total world impact numbers. Exploring each country connects visitors to the country’s history and Thankyou’s involvement with project partners on the ground. As the map zooms in on a village, it transforms into satellite imagery made possible by advanced Google Maps integration, giving customers a real sense of the project they have helped fund.

Design Transformation

Visitors can arrive at a project page via either map exploration or tracking a product using their tracker ID. The project page provides detailed information including what the solution is, the number of people impacted, and the estimated date of completion. They can also choose to save this project to their profile, which requires them to sign up via either Facebook or their email, or share the project on social media.

Design Innovation

The team at Yump also redesigned the profile sign up page to highlight the benefits and importance of creating a TYI profile, while emphasising that Thankyou would never share customers’ information or post without their permission. Once a TYI profile is created, the customer can view their total tracks, and keep track of their impacted communities and countries over time. A colourful pie chart displays the types of solutions they have helped fund and they can also click to find out more about each solution.

Other Key Features

Last but not least, by replacing data-heavy map exploration functionality with a linear way of navigating countries on mobile devices, the Yump team revamped the TYI experience for mobile users and made it simpler, faster and easier to use. As a result, Track Your Impact saw a 61% increase in the total number of products being tracked by Thankyou customers, a 100% increase in new user sign-ups, and a 200% increase in signed-in product tracks.