Best in Category - Design Strategy 2015

Placing Melbourne at the Forefront of Sustainability

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Placing Melbourne at the Forefront of Sustainability

Placing Melbourne at the forefront of sustainability

SmartCup (reusable coffee cup) by frank green and CafePay (a world-first solution that allows you to pay for your coffee / food with your SmartCup and rewards you for purchasing sustainably)

The objective of frank green’s SmartCup and CafePay system is to transform Melbournians’ (and the worlds) attitude to disposable cups and in doing so dramatically reduce their damaging impact on the environment.
frank green’s breakthroughs in reusable product design and innovation have effectively removed the barriers that have prevented traditional reusable cups from gaining mainstream appeal.

Design Excellence

  • The SmartCup is designed to appeal to the design conscious customer who cares for the environment. It also performs the way it should.
  • Clean simple shape, good proportions and a integrated push button activation are the hall mark of the frank green Philosophy.
  • The SmartCup is simple to use. Fill, seal with the screw on cap and a patented push button to open/close for drinking.
  • The cap can be removed if drinking from the cup is required.
  • Surface finish and texture, branding etc have been carefully considered.
  • Quality material suppliers moulded and assembled and packed right here in Melbourne.

Design Impact

CaféPay is not just another app, it’s a beautifully designed total solution that reads your smartphone or your frank green SmartCup to take your order, make secure cashless payments using value stored in your account. CafePay rewards sustainable behaviour through loyalty and discounts on each coffee and food purchased with a SmartCup. This innovation is transforming the way Melbourne coffee drinkers and café owners are thinking and supporting every day reusable products and it makes their lives easier and simple. frank green has created a whole community of first time reusable cup drinkers who are abandoning disposable cups and the advocating the virtues of the SmartCup as a sustainable alternative.

Design Transformation

The SmartCup and CafePay have been completely designed with the user in mind. They look good and provide world-first innovative features and benefits. the DNA of frank green\’s company philosophy is to design innovative products that are stylish, functional and good for the environment – because we believe that everyday products should be beautiful.

The highest degree of cross-disciplinary design has been demonstrated by this project. Fully integrating everyday reusable products with a technological solution that makes your daily routine fun, easier and more rewarding was the genesis and vision of the 4 year project. In addition, everything needed to be beautifully designed, capable of manufacture and enhance the user’s experience like never before. The solution has also solved a market problem and is commercially viable.